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The first Bauska country music festival took place in 1999 on the Castle Mound stage, in a picturesque place, in a park between the confluence of rivers and Bauska Castle, built in the 16th century. Since then, the festival has taken a stable place among the largest events in Latvia and has proven itself as a long-living.

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About Us

Over the years, 26 Latvian groups and 47 foreign groups from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania have participated in the festival.


It is especially proud to note that country music stars such as Sarah Jory, The Bellamy Brothers and Asleep At The Wheels have performed at the festival.


During the Country Bauska festival, company presentations take place and a wide range of entertainment is offered for children and adults.

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