Our long experience in international marketing, finance and banking can confirm that, in spite of having great ideas and great products, most medium and small size enterprises have short lives and ultimately face bankruptcy because of cashflow problems and lack of export markets.

With over 40 years of experience with Citibank New York, Saudi American Bank (SAMBA) and other financial institutions in Europe and Africa responsible for trade finance, construction and manufacturing for the largest companies in the world we are able to translate your vision on exporting your products in a real dynamic manner and to productive and profitable markets.


We can help you export your goods to the markets of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Europe and the USA as well as other countries inclusive of Africa through the Freeport of Riga. We are aware of your needs in terms of letters of credit, bank guarantees, hedging for foreign exchange risks as well as country related risks.

We do believe that many Baltic products are excellent and must have their market niche on the shelves along with other major European leading brands. You just need the right export advise. We invite you to benefit from our long experience to increase your sales and profits. 


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Toufic Kawar

DREAMTRADE DREAMTRADE focuses on helping Baltic business entities establish and grow their presence within Middle East, Africa, North America and beyond. This is done in a productive and cost-effective manner. DREAMTRADE provides professional representation, undertakes market research or can set up new trade offices. DREAMTRADE has a tailor made approach to every situation and every client.

Forming Long-Lasting Strategic Partnerships

with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

In Europe, most high-quality products are produced by small-to-medium-
size businesses or family-run factories. Due to language barriers, cultural
and business practices as well as lack of export experience and contacts
face barriers in selling their products. We can help organize the following:


  • Reate offshore companies in tax free zones.

  • Take care of import documentation and foreign taxes.

  • Prepare market research and support with marketing.

  • Form long-lasting strategic partnerships with distributors.

  • Organize your financial strategy and locate interested investors.

Membership Benefits

As an elite export club, englobing premium Baltic companies we work together for your business growth and prosperity. We aim to create new business partnerships among Baltic companies and assist them in their export activities.

Baltic companies have poor export culture, business contacts and trading techniques slowing them to reach international markets and ultimately closing them down. We have created the Baltic Brands network to connect them with right partners in the Gulf areas, Africa and the Americas.


Your membership to be part of this restricted elite group will allow you to multiply your contacts, export your products to the right partners without intermediaries or wasted time on travel and marketing as well as be regularly updated on international export news, tariffs and regulations. We help you maximize your sales by connecting you with the right business partner overseas.

  • New members will receive an export brand audit. The more organized you are, the more professional your export opportunity will translate into sales.

  • We organize brand showroom exhibitions where you can promote and sell your products to high profile counterparts such as large department stores, boutique
    business owners, restaurants, etc.

  • Each active member receives assistance and support with their own marketing activities which enhances their ideas and initiatives.

  • The Dreamhill export director helps each member to create a business development plan allowing you to gain new clients and businesses in the foreign market along with the right partner and right activities.

  • The DreamTrade offers their members exciting new privileges and rewards from other member brands. They have opportunities to collaborate and connect with other premium companies.

  • Each member receives regular updates about success stories of other member brands and how they achieved their export success.

  • Each active member receives assistance and support in creating exciting sales events and invitation to informative presentations.

  • Each member has the opportunity to sell its products and/or services to more DreamTrade counterparts in the Gulf area, the African continent as well as the United States markets.

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Through DreamTrade Network, new business partnerships are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements, endorsements, media sharing, B2B (business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer)  networking, sales and luxury showcase events and numerous other attractive marketing activities.